HRIMS presents  Doktor Kaboom On Sunday, October 6th at 5pm!

At the Ferguson Center, CNU in the Diamonstein Concert Hall

Doktor Kaboom strives to empower, excite, educate, and entertain the people of Earth.  Through interactive character-driven science comedy we improve society's understanding and retention of basic scientific principals, build upon those basics, demonstrate that all science is for everyone, and remove the cultural stigma that scientific awareness is something to fear.

Science is for everyone, not just the guy in the labcoat, or the girl who wins the science fair every year. Science is not hard, but it does take effort. That's not hard, that's just work, and that's just life. Every child is intelligent, creative, valuable, and should know that about themselves.

HRIMS will receive 100% of the profits!

         $39 per adult, $10 per child ticket

      These must be purchased at or through the paypal link below.  There is no limit per person.

Pick up will be at HRIMS or at the HRIMS will call table the night of the event. Please specify the name in the memo of the person picking up the tickets.