Giving to HRIMS



Giving to HRIMS

Giving and getting involved

Since Hampton Roads International Montessori School’s founding, our donors have played a crucial role in our success. Every gift, whether large or small, sends a message that you believe in HRIMS and our students.

Support and service to an organization you believe in is not just something that we ask of Hampton Roads International Montessori School parents; it is part of our core.  We believe in serving others locally and globally.  Our students learn this value at the earliest level and continue to make it part of their work.  

Our students are groomed in an environment that values helpfulness.  They are given daily opportunities to aid their peers at school and contribute to the world.  HRIMS students do service work outside their classroom throughout the year.  Students may spend time with the SPCA and determine they are passionate about helping the animals.  They have created a fundraiser to support this cause. During recent hurricane disasters, students put together a bake sale raising over $1100 to donate to the Montessori Hurricane Relief Fund.  Giving children opportunities to help others, fostering service-oriented activities and creating an environment of service is part of our culture.  These experiences shape our students.  They leave HRIMS with the executive function skills ready, willing and able to contribute to the society through a lifetime of leadership and service.  

We ask HRIMS parents to engage in this same life long lesson.  Through your gifts of time, talent, and resources, you show your meaningful support of this school and the work we do.  Volunteer opportunities are many, and many are listed inside the Events Calendar.  HRIMS Parents Association is a excellent opportunity to be a part of the community.  

Support of HRIMS's fundraising effort is equally important.  It is a long-term financial goal of the school to fully cover basic operating expenses through tuition and fee payments and earned income.  Fundraising makes up the difference between covering basic expenses and positioning HRIMS  to have financial stability and flexibility that allows it to fulfill its mission and serve its students.  It is our hope that every HRIMS family will contribute an amount that is meaningful for them.  

Here are a few ways in which fundraising donations make a difference: 

  • Tuition assistance
  • Teacher training and faculty development
  • Program expansion
  • Physical and programmatic enhancements and enrichment
  • Capital expenses
  • Playscape development and maintenance
  • Implementation of Strategic Plan