What Makes Montessori Unique?

Montessori education is based on stages of development that allow the focus to remain exclusively on the child. The Montessori classroom is deliberately designed to facilitate the independent development of the child. We provide an environment that meets the innate desires and needs of young children to adapt, explore, learn, grow and reach their full potential. Our greater mission is to foster the foundation and growth of the child's personality while nurturing him as a lifelong learner.

In contrast to the traditional classroom where students have little choice or control over their own learning, Montessori students are encouraged to pursue their own interests and to collaborate with peers. Self-directed, self-paced and uninterrupted work fosters deeper concentration, which leads to deeper understanding.

Successive levels of education must correspond to the successive personalities of the child.
— Dr. Maria Montessori, From Childhood to Adolescence

Portrait of a graduate

Our graduates walk away with skills that will help them excel in their next level of education. Those skills will then guide them as they become professional businessmen and women in the working world. Let us give you a glimpse into what it looks like to journey through the Montessori program at HRIMS.


  • Strong conceptual base on which to build future knowledge
  • Strong organizational skills and study habits
  • Self reliant in pursuing knowledge
  • Have developed an acute sense of their place in the world
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Strong creative imaginations
  • Confidence in the interconnected nature of all knowledge


  • Life-long love of learning
  • Strong level of self-discipline
  • Strong social skills
  • High level of self-esteem
  • Confident and self-assured
  • Self-sufficient and responsible
  • Respectful of their peers and teachers
  • Ability to empathize with others

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The Montessori Programs and Curriculum are very carefully and specifically designed based on cycles, each year building solidly on the previous year. In the final stage of each cycle, the culmination and integration of all that has taken place in prior years is usually when the Montessori child truly “blossoms”.  Children move to the next phase of their Montessori development when they are deemed ready by their guides.

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