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2017-2027 HRIMS Vision for Our Future…

"The child is both a hope and promise for mankind."

Dr. Maria Montessori

With many successes and a steady growth in program enrollment in recent years, HRIMS had grown beyond the scope of our current plan and a simple update would not do. In 2016, the Board began a conversation with our school and extended communities to define a new vision, ambitious and inspiring, to spur growth and challenge us to be fully accountable to our shared goals and beliefs. To this end, the Board of Trustees created a 5-person committee charged with drafting a set of goals that would form the heart of the plan. The committee sought and listened to the hopes and ideas of our school families and faculty as well as business and nonprofit leaders in the community. They shared with us what HRIMS currently does well, what it could do better and what community needs exist that our Mission and Vision call us to address. The wide variety of voices and viewpoints generated a tremendous flood of ideas and possibilities.

The work of the committee was to distill all those possibilities into a set of goals that mesh together to see the school grow and better serve our current and future families without overextending our resources. The strategic plan outlined in the following pages represents the end product of this 18-month process. The plan presented here is rather light on details with regard to timetable and financial requirements. This was a purposeful decision on the part of the Board. We could have spent time creating estimates and schedules based on our own skill set and assumptions but those are meaningless without engagement from the school community.

We have decided to adopt a model where we define broad goals and priorities and begin to engage the community in refining the plan through participation in working groups. It is our hope that in this manner the plan can provide guidance but also be a living document that evolves to best meet the needs of the school and community. Each of the goals will have one or more teams created to conduct research, develop a detailed plan and guide implementation. These teams will include Board members but largely be made up of parents, school staff and expert volunteers from the community. It is our belief that the earlier our community begins to engage with the plan the faster progress and better the end products will be. There is a strong desire on the part of the Board of Trustees that this plan be an inspiring vision of what our school can be.

The Board is committed to making these goals a reality. As someone who cares about our school and the value of Montessori education in our community, we know that you will see that participation in the team is the best way to have a lasting impact on the future of the school. Please join with us in this effort and be amazed at what we can all accomplish together.


Ben Hailer, President